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Building a future where people with cancer have the same access to care and support wherever they live.


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Who we are

Allied Against Cancer is a network of partners committed to creating a future where every person with cancer receives the highest possible standard of care. At the center of our work is the African oncology community, who drives the agenda and priorities for change and impact.

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What we work on

Affordable and effective resources for cancer care exist and save countless lives, but they are not always available in emerging health systems, resulting in large disparities in cancer mortality between high- and low-income countries. We seek to close that gap by advancing the practitioners, products, and processes necessary to deliver high-quality standardized cancer care.


Our Impact


African health workers trained in assessment and basic pain management according to the World Health Organization guidelines


Cancer treatment guidelines, integrated for various resource levels, developed by the African Cancer Coalition, which cover more than 80% of cancer incidence in Sub-Saharan Africa


Cancer incidence in the region covered by market access agreements reached for 16 SRA-approved cancer medicines

How We Do Our Work

We provide technical assistance to support governments and practitioners on-the-ground as they work to improve cancer care access and delivery.

We approach our work with a spirit of practicality and agility. We integrate technology, and practice human-centered design and close collaboration in order to promote scale and sustainability.

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Kunuz Abdella

Kunuz Abdella
Senior Advisor to the Minister of Health on NCDs and Cancer

Aba Scott 

Aba Scott 
Radiation Oncologist, Clinical Oncologist

Ntokozo Ndlovu

Ntokozo Ndlovu
Administrator, Lecturer, Physician

Anne Ng'ang'a

Anne Ng'ang'a
Head of the National Cancer Control Program
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